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starting a year of arts



When we think of starting a new year there are so many different stigmas that come with it. The resolutions about health, happiness, organization, goals, and on, and on, and on - they are overwhelming. And somehow they are also hugely narrow. A resolution for a NEW YOU that can only start at midnight on Jan 1.


So we start them. We claim them. We immediately push them off. Well, Jan 1 is a holiday, I shouldn’t have to cut back on coffee on a holiday. This year the 2nd was the observed holiday (for some of us), yet another option to push things back.


And then there are those of us who jump head first into our resolves only to burn out after a week of minimizing calories and maximizing exercise. Or we embrace Marie Kondo only to find that nothing brings us joy and we may as well put off creating the perfect capsule wardrobe until we have everything else in our life sorted out.


Resolutions are tricky. And most of the time, they don’t work. Now, I will be the first to support you on your journey if it does work for you. And any day I drink less than a pot of coffee myself is a day to pat myself on the back, so if you resolved to quit smoking and you’ve gone a week, a day, or even an hour: BRAVO! But if you’ve already forgotten to set a resolution, and are floundering with how 2023 will be any different than 2022: BEHOLD ART!


Art is a resolve we can all get behind. Art is everywhere. Art lends itself to starting anytime, and it is the easiest habit to come to.


At FAME Center our focus is on making sure students have opportunities to explore all the different forms of artistic expression. And while our students are often in a younger age range, we are excited to share ways for students of all ages to enjoy art.


Join us in 2023 as we resolve to find more ways to have art in our lives. You might just find it does make you a bit healthier, happier, and more organized without any of the frustrations that sometimes come with a January 1 resolution to BE DIFFERENT. By resolving to give yourself more art, you are resolving to be more you!


Step One: Open Your Senses


The next time you are on a walk, or sitting in silence, or even just lying in bed open your senses and take in the world around you. What public art might be in your path? A statue? Graffiti? A smiley face in chalk? A snowman? What sounds might surround you? An orchestra of street sounds? Birds chirping? Maybe even a practicing musician in the background? What tactile images can you pick up? The feel of your blanket? The stitching in a hem? The smoothness of a piece of wooden furniture?


Add Art in 2023 by taking in all the art that surrounds you. We’re lucky to be in Chicago where art is blooming everywhere you turn. And while we are quite proud of our city, whatever location you call home, we imagine there’s more art to be found in the minutes between errands than you might realize. Take a breath, and take in some art, and we look forward to offering you more ways to add more art to your 2023 all year long!

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