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Thanks to the generosity of FAME Center partners, the financial-aid program ensures that children whose families demonstrate financial need can participate in our transformative arts programs. Financial aid supports student participation in private lessons, group classes and art therapy. Students who receive financial aid must show commitment through attendance and achievement to remain eligible for continued financial aid.

While FAME Center strives to provide as much aid as possible, it is a limited resource and is awarded on a first come, first served basis. 


Award Details


●  Awards are determined on a sliding scale up to 90%

●  Awards supplement payments made for tuition. Remaining balances are eligible for a payment plan.

For more information about the financial aid application process and expectation, please visit our FAQ page.


Application Details


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications must include a completed Application Form and supporting financial documentation.



Merit Scholarships are awarded to FAME Center students who show a high level of commitment and achievement in their FAME studies. Students must be enrolled at FAME Center for a minimum of 1 year and be nominated by their instructor to be eligible for a Merit Scholarship.


We believe that the quality of instruments and materials used in studying music and the arts has a significant effect on a student's learning and desire to engage in their lessons and classes! We also know that these items can be a substantial financial investment, and that can be burdensome for some students. Submit THIS form to let us know that you or your student are in need of supplies for one of our classes, or to let us know that you would like to receive a donated instrument as one becomes available! 

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