Who We Are


Creating an environment where all of today's youth have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to tomorrow's world.


Providing equitable access to arts education so that the next generation has creative tools to uncover their potential and imagine their futures.

FAME Center was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2018 to directly confront the lack of accessibility to music and fine arts education in under-resourced Chicago communities. We work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of fostering creativity by providing transformative education through creative engagement resulting in the growth of the human spirit through the arts.


Board Members

Dr. Felecia Thompson (Board Chair)

Marc Doggett, CEO, Club Consulting 101 

Christy Davis, Keller Williams, Senior Management

Ken Gibbs, President, MIKK Construction 

Danielle Forte - Founder, CEO, 828 Clothing

Advisory Board Members


Dr. Stephen Michael Newby (Board Emeritus)

Dr. Thomas S. Fortson 

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