We are grateful for the following donors, who have generously supported our mission and programs since January 1, 2020 (as of October 18, 2021).


The Paul and Candace Von Tobel Foundation








Kelly Haakenson

Paul H Johnson Trust



Kuku Baker

Margaret and Stan Diddams

Marcia Ockleshaw


Donald Cantrell

Monica Cook

Marc Doggett

Shannon Farag

Stephen Nedwby

Mimi Wagner


Joya Davis

Lenise Lee

Courtney Waters



Dara Berkhalter

Debra Borys

Bobbi Brown

Austin Deadman

Nicholl Doggett

Christine Evans

Julia Ferguson

Mike and Lisa Fioritto

Thomas Fortson

Karen Gossner

Katrina Griffin

Maya Guthrie

Michelle Haskell

Dina Kanabar

Shreeya Matthew

Linda Negele

Carol Pawlowski

Kim Shveder

Carolina Sobral

Roxanne Squires

Tami Thompson

Holly Traversa Hoffman

Ian Trotter

Nadine J Watt

Zakee West