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why the arts?

You might already know a lot of reasons why your student and you should pursue the arts: it's fun, it's pretty, it's a great way to spend an afternoon. BUT do you know all the reasons why studying the arts at every age is important? So is consuming the arts. We've gathered some useful tools for everyone's studies as well as several articles that continue to offer all the reasons why once you start down the path of the arts you're sure to keep it in your world.

For ongoing thoughts from Sheila on Arts Education, Arts in the City, and the Arts and YOU, be sure to check-out our FAME Forum Blog too.

useful links

Below you will find a variety of links about the importance of educating the creative mind. The information on these websites provide a more in-depth look at what the arts can do for every learner. Our goal is to help students and parents have a greater understanding about what they are studying, why they are studying, and how they can enhance it all.


arts in the city

benefits of arts education

learning tips, tricks, and tools

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