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Transformative education through
creative engagement resulting in the
growth of the human spirit through the arts.

I was looking for a local place to take piano and voice lessons and someone referred FAME.  As an older student who'd taken piano for years as a child, I was concerned about getting back into the swing of things.  Sheila listened to my concerns and paired me with Lili  for my lessons.   Turns out, Lili is a great teacher!  She was willing to cater the lessons towards songs I wanted to learn and she also introduced me to music I otherwise would never have sought out (who knew my voice could go so high!).  Unfortunately, I moved to the burbs and the commute made it difficult to continue.  Otherwise, I'd still be a student.  FAME is a great place to learn and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for voice or music lessons.  

Verria K.  - student

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