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FAME Center offers lesson packages for students of all ages, ability and means. Our packages are only for students who are looking for short-term lessons to prepare for a specific event or adults who are looking for more flexible lesson options. They are designed for the student that is prepping for an audition, an adult wanting to return to an instrument before returning to full time lessons, a professional that needs another set of eyes and ears on a piece before presenting it. We offer coaching in voice, instruments, and acting from our wonderful faculty of working artits.

Lesson Packages are available in the amounts of 1, 3, or 5 lessons.

If you’re new to FAME Center, follow these steps to find your coach and the right coaching package for you: 


  1. Submit the New Student Lesson Inquiry Form. You can begin this process at any time of year. 

  2. Our Office Administrator will reach out to you to discuss your area of interest and availability and recommend a teacher who would be a good match. 

  3. Buy your package! We’ll help you set up your FAME Center account and schedule your first session. If you are choosing a package with a few sessions, your faculty coach will work with you to find the perfect time for additional sessions.

  4. Remember: if you find the coaching sessions useful and want to start taking consistent lessons, let us know as our weekly lessons are discounted from our drop-in coaching sessions.

Questions about enrollment? Contact us at 312-469-0667 or by email at

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