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Spend the new year with us in our 30 Day Creativity Challenge


As 2024 begins it is the perfect time to create a new habit: CREATIVITY. Whether you are a student with us or just looking for an adventure, challenge yourself to get CREATIVE starting January 16!

FAME’s 30 Day Creativity Challenge is

  • a practice challenge to kickstart the year

  • a prep plan for FAME’s first ever Juried Recital

  • a chance for the whole family to get creative together

  • a reminder to find the art in the everyday

  • a way to re-imagine what your relationship to your art can be

How does it work?

  1. Pick a day to start (between Jan 16-Jan 25)*

  2. On day one: pick an activity from our list, practice as you normally might, take a class, or take in a performance of show

  3. On day two: do it again

  4. Do the same thing for 30 days

  5. Have fun!

Creativity Tracker (printable)

Creative Ideas

We'd love to see you at your most creative. Share pictures or video with us and the entire FAME Fam by e-mailing: OR posting on social media (please tag us and use #FAMEChallenge24)



  1. Be Accountable: once a week check-in with FAME! You can share the chart with your teacher, reception, or send an update to us We’ll be sharing updates in the studio and online.

  2. Be Proud: share your creativity. If part of your creative challenge includes making visual art: take a picture and send us what you’ve done. If you feel comfortable sharing your practicing with FAME, take a video and send our way. If you’ve written something, pass it our way. We want to see all the art.

  3. Be a Community: join us on socials. If you’re on FB or Instagram share your journey there and tag @famecenter when you do. We’ll be using #FAMEChallenge24 for all posts that pertain to this creative experiment.

  4. Be an Artist: remember in making art anything goes. There is no wrong as long as you are safe, kind, and remember to try!

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