Free Virtual Classes

From time to time we are able to offer free classes thanks to generous donors. These free classes increase accessibility for those that might not be able to afford classes otherwise, and allow for those that are unsure if they want to develop a skill dip their toes into something new. Any current free classes will be listed below. 


Join Ms. Caitlin on the first Saturday of each month for a free virtual Art Class! 


April 3rd - Watercolor Painting with Warm and Cool Colors



Every Second Saturday, we offer a free class. Check back frequently for more details! 

March 13th - Watercolor Painting , 11am - 12pm CST

April 10th - Intro To Ukulele, 11am - 12pm CST

May 8th - Intro to Music Production with SoundTrap, 11am-12pm, CST

June 10th - TBD

August 14th - TBD

September 11th - TBD

October 9th - TBD

November 13th - TBD

December 11th - TBD

Register at the links provided for our free virtual classes, open to the whole family!

These classes are free to attend! If you'd like to make a donation so we can continue to offer more free classes in the future, click HERE.

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